Work in Retail Human Resources

Apr 20, 2016

Do you love working with people, but don’t want to be in sales or working in the store? A career in human resources could be right for you. You’ll still be one on one with people every day, while helping them to achieve their workplace goals and more. Learn all about human resources jobs with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

What is human resources?

Human resources—in retail or any other work environment—is the department that actively works with employees company-wide. There are a few general areas that every HR department covers.

Recruitment & Talent -  HR recruiters proactively reach out to potential candidates who have an interest in joining their company. Whether they’re attending job fairs, promoting new job openings on social media or posting on career websites, HR recruiters are always searching for valuable employees to add to their company. They can also do applicant reference checks and interview applicants.

Talent management entails keeping those applicants that were recruited. Essentially, every company wants to retain those talented employees that they hired in the first place. The HR department helps implement different strategies—such as competitive benefits packages and compensation—to retain their employees.

Benefits & Compensation – If employees have any questions or concerns about their company’s benefits or their compensation, they can reach out to human resources. Benefits specialists help employees through the complicated world of health insurance, family leave time and anything else that pops up during their time of employment.

Training – There are some members of the HR department that train new employees. They help new employees with the company handbook, any company policies and introduce them to company culture.Work in Retail Human Resources Image.jpg

Goal-setting – Human resources is also responsible for goal-setting and feedback. Whether that’s working with managers, or helping employees map out a career path, HR is there to help employees achieve different goals in the workplace.

Human Resources Jobs at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we are always looking to add skilled and talented applicants to our Blain’s family. Whether you’re looking for human resources jobs, automotive jobs or a different career in retail, be sure to check out our current job openings. If you’re not interested in any of the current job openings but still want to become a valued member of our team, you can join our Talent Network, where you’ll receive emails about new job openings.