What It’s Like to Work in Retail Loss Prevention

Aug 24, 2016

Retail loss prevention jobs help companies preserve profit and reduce any preventable profit loss. Blain’s Farm & Fleet is here to explain the processes that loss prevention may enact and put into place at the retail store level to prevent theft, fraud and abuse.

Working in Retail Loss Prevention

Loss prevention jobs are a crucial asset to any retail company. They help to protect customer data and store inventory, as well as work in other internal area of the company such as financial fraud and supply chains. Loss prevention specialists and risk management directors work together whenever theft occurs at the retail store. They also have to work to prevent any data breaches, especially with the ever-evolving world of online retail shopping. Keeping customer data protected is a must for any retail company.What It’s Like to Work in Retail Loss Prevention NEW.jpg

No day is typical in retail loss prevention. At the store level, loss prevention specialists perform a range of duties—watching security cameras, walking the store, checking customer receipts, just to name a few. At the corporate level, the loss prevention team could be investigating any store theft, working with the brick-and-mortar stores or training new employees on proper loss prevention and risk management procedures.

Loss Prevention Jobs at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, keeping our stores and customers protected is a priority. That’s why our loss prevention jobs are an integral part of our company. If you’re interested in retail loss prevention jobs, visit our current job openings.  If there is nothing available, but you’re still interested in becoming a part of the Farm & Fleet family, join our Talent Network to receive email updates on new job openings.