What Does a Career in Store Operations Mean?

Mar 16, 2016

Do you ever wonder how a store decides on their product setup? Or how a company makes a plan not only make a profit, but give their customers a great experience? If so, store operations may be the perfect career field for you.

What is store operations?

Essentially, a career in store operations encompasses learning and working on how a company can strategize and achieve their goals of profitability and sales. It’s taking strategies and ideas at the corporate level, and utilizing them at the store level. While that sounds like employees at the corporate level are simply giving out orders to employees at the store, it’s actually a team effort. It’s about creating the best experience for retail customers.

Store operations at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Merchandisers work with store managers and regional managers to map out the best customer experience. This includes creating planograms and in-store displays to help customers find what they’re looking for with a logical, well-thought out setup. Imagine walking in a retail store without specific departments. Dog food would be mixed in with clothing or automotive parts. It would be a mess, and a horrible customer experience. With a store operations team, merchandise and the layout of the store flow and work together.store-img.jpg

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, our store operations team is part of what keeps the brick-and-mortar stores running smoothly and efficiently. If you’re interested in a career in store operations, view our current job openings. If you’re interested in a future career with our company, join our Talent Network for email notifications about new job openings.