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Mar 29, 2015

We all have things that we need to buy: clothing, food, items for our homes, and more. When you go shopping, do you ever wonder about all that goes into retail? Who are all the people that support your shopping experience? From the cashiers, the retail management, marketing team, Information Technology department and accounting, retail jobs are so much more than just working in a store. With over 42 million people in retail jobs, wherever your interests lie, you too could make the leap into this fast paced and exciting world of retail.

With Blain's Farm & Fleet's Career Connection Blog, we're here to help you understand the world of retail, how it impacts you, and what opportunities await you in this industry. You'll hear from our strategists on everything related to retail jobs, from job openings to industry news. We'll be tapping into our 60+ years of retail experience and knowledge to help you find the right career.

As a veteran in retail, Blain's Farm & Fleet jobs are different from other retail jobs. We celebrate the hard work and success of our associates, while other retailers do not. We are family-owned and those family values are reflected in everything we do. Most other retailers are more interested in their shareholders than their employees. We treat our employees and communities like family. Many big name retailers are closing their doors. Blain's Farm & Fleet is bucking the industry trend, with all of our retail stores hiring. Every retail stores that we have opened remain open. We've never been forced to lay off associates. We run our business right and we have over a half-century of success and growth to prove it. We are Blain's Farm & Fleet and we're here to help guide you through an in-depth look at a career in retail.

If you are interested in searching for retail jobs with Blain's Farm & Fleet, apply for jobs online. Local job openings are available at our locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

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