Skills Needed to Pursue a Job in Retail Human Resources

Aug 31, 2016

Skills Needed to Pursue a Job in Retail Human Resources.jpgIf you’re interested in working in retail human resources, you’ll need a certain set of skills for the job. Learn all about what it takes to pursue a job in retail human resources with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Human resources is more than just explaining benefits and recruiting new employees. It takes a certain skill set to build a team, help employees throughout the company and be the “go-to” for various events and problems. We’ve compiled a list of skills needed for a career in retail human resources:

  1. Multi-tasking – In HR, multi-tasking skills are an absolute must. You’ll need to be able to juggle new applicants, current associates, past associates, as well as any training seminars, company events and more.

  2. Communication - HR employees can be the go-between for different parts of the company, as well as a representative outside of the company for new applicants. Human resources employees have to communicate with all levels of a company while maintaining a compassionate and professional tone.

  3. Problem Solving – Not all employees get along with each other, and sometimes HR has to get involved. You have to be able to solve problems within the company while staying neutral.

  4. Negotiation – This goes along with problem solving. When there are two conflicting sides, HR professionals need to be able to help negotiate and act as a middleman. 

  5. Social Media – While not all positions may require this skill, most HR professionals will need to have some social media skills. New job openings will be shared on LinkedIn and the like, and those posts require attention to detail, proper grammar and clear communication skills.

  6. Discrete – HR professionals have to deal with classified information, especially when it comes to employees currently working for their company. They also have to be discrete about any concerns brought up by employees, such as unethical behavior from their co-workers or other disputes.

  7. Ethical – Finally, HR employees need to be ethical. All of the above skills require ethical behavior in order to have a fair and reasonable outcome from any employee situation.

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