Retail Merchandising

Jun 05, 2015


If you Google the word “merchandising”, the first thing you see is:


1. the activity of promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets.
"problems rooted in over-expansion and poor merchandising"
o branded products used to promote a particular movie, popular music group, etc., or linked to a particular fictional character.
"the characters are still popular and found on a wide variety of merchandising"

Sounds pretty broad, right? Being a Merchandiser at Blain Supply, Inc./Blain’s Farm & Fleet is pretty similar. Their job description requires a broad range of skills. Problem solving skills, people skills, analytical skills, creativity, decision making skills, leadership skills, ability to work with a team, and individually are all just a few of the qualities that make our merchandisers so great.

Merchandisers don’t sit still for long. They’re constantly on the move working with our buying staff and stores, building new planograms (the “plan” of how our goods will look on the store front by analyzing sales, forecasts, and the category of similar products) and displays, developing floor plans, and working with our engineering staff to develop plans for new stores.

Yes, that all sounds like a lot, but to someone who enjoys a little variety in their day, it might be just what they’re looking for in a career. This corporate position is not your ordinary, sit in a cubical in front of the computer, type job. It’s very hands on, fast paced, and project based--no two days are alike. The best part of this job? The networking that you get with the entire company!

Being a merchandiser with Blain Supply, Inc./Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you are in touch with almost every aspect of the company, and when it comes to advancing to your next level, the opportunities are endless! You could find yourself in our Associate Buyer (Buyer Training) Program, in Marketing as a Special Events Coordinator, or even in Human Resources as a Recruiter! There’s no stereotypical “corporate ladder” here. Weaving your own career “web” is one of the best parts about Blain Supply Inc./Blain’s Farm & Fleet. No matter where you start off, your opportunities are endless with this growing company.

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