Retail Management Career Path

Jun 22, 2016

Retail management jobs provide the unique opportunity for growth and learning in a retail environment. Find out about the retail management career path with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

An Inside Look at Retail Management

Retail managers are faced with tough decisions every day. From sales goals to associate morale to helping customers, there is plenty that goes into retail management jobs. Following the retail management career path can be challenging but extremely

A successful retail manager must be patient, professional, a good communicator, motivated and a natural leader. Leading a team of associates to achieve sales goals is crucial in retail management. This isn’t just customer service and work on the sales floor—it also includes merchandising, inventory and other “behind the scenes” parts of retail. A combination of natural leadership and the right training is the key to success in retail management.

Retail Management at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

In order to follow the retail management career path at Blain’s Farm & Fleet, many of our associates go through the Retail Management Training Program. We give our associates in the program the tools and training they need to succeed as an assistant store manager. The goal-oriented training program consists of six to nine months of hands-on training at one of our 36 store locations. From there, they can continue on the retail management career path, and lead a team of store associates.

If you’re interested in retail management jobs with Blain’s Farm & Fleet, visit our current job openings. If there is nothing available but you’re still interested in becoming part of the Blain’s family, join our Talent Network. You’ll receive email updates about new job openings.

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