Our Community Involvement

Jul 30, 2015

This testimonial comes from one of our associates, and explains what our Community Involvement means to her.

"When I think of Farm and Fleet, I think of being an exhibitor at the local county fair selling my livestock or picking up shavings to put in my freshly cleaned sheep pen.  Now 15 years later, as a Blain’s Farm and Fleet associate, I am able to personally witness the scope of community involvement Blain’s Farm and Fleet participates in.  Blain’s Farm and Fleet has always had a strong presence in our communities but it goes further than just local fairs.  Blain’s Farm and Fleet has been part of many events such as Vets Role, Midwest Horse Fair, pet adoption programs throughout the Midwest, Farm Progress Days and the Bert Blain Heart Walk.  This is just a small snapshot of events that Blain’s Farm and Fleet has been part of.  Each store gets involved locally by donating money, products or working at various events throughout the year.

Recently, I was able to attend a PALS event where I shared information about my job with students during their summer program.  Though the students were elementary aged, they knew about Blain’s Farm and Fleet either by shopping our store or seeing our name at an event they attended.  It was amazing to connect and share with the students.  I am proud to work for a family company that not only cares about the associates it employs, but also the communities they operate in."