It's All About the Numbers: Analyst Jobs

Apr 06, 2016

Do you love to crunch numbers? Do you enjoy looking through spreadsheets of data? A retail analyst’s job is to forecast customer needs and demands, using data and models. They help their company grow while supplying customer demands. Learn all about becoming a retail analyst with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

What do retail analysts do?

Essentially, retail analysts research and refine data to help merchandise buyers purchase the right products to fit the supply and demand of their company’s customers. This research can include logistics, market trends, sales goals and figures and more. With this type of data, buyer analysts and buyers can work together to strategize on product supply.

Working as a Buyer Analyst at Blain Supply, Inc.

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, our buyer analysts work with a few different buyers in specific departments. From lawn and garden to sporting goods, our retail analysts work to configure marketing data and determine when products will sell through. They also work on customer supply and demand, and how much inventory we should have of certain products. Our buyer analysts also work with various vendors to negotiate on the best deals for our customers. Analyst Jobs Image.jpg

If you're interested in a retail analyst career, visit our job openings for the most up-to-date job postings. If there are no positions or business analyst jobs that interest you at this time, but you're still interested in becoming a part of the Blain's family, join our Talent Network.  You'll receive emails on new job openings.

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