How E-commerce Uses SEO to Help Online Customers

Mar 09, 2016

The number of people shopping online is growing more and more every year. People can shop from virtually anywhere, with the simple click of a button on their computers, tablets and phones. Learn how online retail is constantly growing and how retailers are changing, trying to reach out to customers online in a new way.

What is E-commerce?

When you’re shopping online, you’re making a transaction electronically on the Internet. That’s e-commerce. But so much more goes into e-commerce jobs than just online purchases. Retailers have an entirely new way to communicate with their current and future customers.

Online retailers can provide more product information to customers than what they see in the store. They can also write their product copy, marketing copy and more to garner better search results using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Using SEO in E-commerce

SEO helps online retailers reach their customers through a search engine. Search engines store documents found throughout the web. When a person does an online search, that search engine goes through its billions of photos, PDF files and other documents to find the best search results. First, the search engine finds the documents that are the most relevant to the search. Second, it finds the documents that come from the most popular websites that carry that information.How E-commerce uses SEO to help customers find what they need.jpg

Online retailers have different tactics they can use to bump up their website in the search engine results. A combination of keywords, link structure, formatting, clear hierarchies and information-rich pages can all garner better search results.

Think about when you search for a product online. Are you really going to go past the first page of results? Retailers want their website to show up in the first few results, if not be number one.

E-commerce is much more than simply listing products online. With e-commerce jobs comes strategizing, planning, organizing and marketing skills. At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, you’ll find that the e-commerce department is intertwined with various other departments, from buying to marketing to customer service. It’s an integral part of our business that is constantly growing.

If you want to become part of an ever-growing company, view the current job openings with Blain’s Farm & Fleet. If there aren’t any e-commerce jobs or jobs in other departments that interest you at this time, join our Talent Network to stay updated on new job listings.

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