Finding a Warehouse or Logistics Career

Mar 02, 2016

Are you someone who wants to be behind the scenes, but you still want a fast-paced work environment? A retail warehouse job might be the perfect fit! Retail warehouse jobs require work to be done in a timely and efficient manner. Explore the world of retail warehouse logistics with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

What Happens in a Retail Warehouse?

When you’re looking around a retail store, you’re probably not thinking about how all of those products got there. On the other hand, maybe that’s exactly what you’re thinking about. Without a retail warehouse or distribution center, those products would be at a standstill.

Warehouse workers move product. Whether they’re loading up trucks to take products to stores, filling e-commerce orders, or unloading new products from vendors, product is always going somewhere in a retail warehouse.

Working at the Blain’s Farm & Fleet Warehouses 

At the Blain’s Farm & Fleet headquarters—Blain Supply, Inc.—there are different warehouse teams that play different roles in the logistics process.  There is plenty of room for career growth in any of our different distribution positions.

Warehouse Logistics Jobs.jpg

Distribution Center  - The distribution center is where all the merchandise is stored and picked for when it’s ready to go to the retail stores. It’s also where ecommerce orders are fulfilled before they’re sent to shipping.

Receiving - The receiving team works with vendors bringing in products that will go to the Blain’s Farm & Fleet stores. They’re responsible for unloading product and getting it where it needs to go.

Shipping - Merchandise is ready to be shipped to individual customers or the stores.

Traffic – The traffic team works to schedule traffic that is coming in and out of the warehouses. From vendors coming in to Blain’s trucks delivering products to the store, they’re responsible for making sure merchandise gets where it needs to go on time.

Returns – When products are returned at the store or from an online order, the returns team processes the merchandise. They also sometimes work with the customer service call center.

Service Center – The service center team works in the warehouse garage, working on small engines and any other vehicles that service the warehouse.

Warehouse jobs provide a great opportunity to be part of a retail company, but work outside of the brick and mortar store. If you’re interested in retail warehouse jobs with Blain’s Farm & Fleet, view our current job openings. You can also join our Talent Network to be notified of future job opportunities.