Creative Print Advertising Jobs

Jul 13, 2016

Print advertising jobs are an important part of the retail world. Learn how you can utilize your print skills in a retail career and what opportunities lay ahead with Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Print advertising has been around since advertising was invented. From sales flyers to magazine ads to mailer coupons, a lot goes into creating print advertisements. It’s more than just creating an image and some text on a computer. It requires creativity and an understanding of your target audience.

Creating the Perfect Print Ad

New print projects have to go through a few phases before they get to the final product. Depending on the client or brand, there may be requirements on what can be featured in an ad. It also depends on the brand message, sale theme and any other elements brought in by the company.Creative Print Advertising Jobs.jpg

The ad also has to be creative and interesting enough to motivate a customer to buy the product. This can be done through call to action copy, page layout, color scheme, images and more. The ad needs to stick out from the rest of the ads that it’s competing against.

Print Advertising Jobs at Blain’s Farm & Fleet

At Blain’s Farm & Fleet, we do all of our print advertising in-house. This includes some product image shoots, page layout and production. If you’re interested in any marketing jobs or print advertising jobs with our family-owned company, visit our current job openings. If there’s nothing available, but still want to become a valued member of our team, join our Talent Network to receive email updates on newly available positions.

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