Turn Your Love of Cars into a Lifelong Career as an Auto Mechanic

Mar 31, 2015

Everyone always says to do what you love, and you love cars. If you love cars and working on them, you may have already considered starting a career as an automotive technician. You also may have asked yourself "where do I start?" There are a lot of options in the auto repair field. You could open your own shop. You could start a franchise location from a big chain automotive company. You could work at a dealership. Or, you could work for one of the Blain's Farm & Fleet Automotive Service Centers in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa.

Not all car repair shops are created equal, so not all automotive technician jobs are the same. If you're looking to start a career as an automotive technician, you want to start with an auto repair garage that supports you and will allow you to grow with them.

A "Typical" Day

Beginner Automotive Mechanic

Your day will be busy changing oil, installing tires, batteries and more. You'll work on a wide variety of vehicles and will be able to get further mentoring from an intermediate automotive technician so that you can continue to learn and advance your career.

Intermediate Automotive Mechanic
Once you've mastered the basic skill set of being an auto mechanic, you are trained on the more difficult aspects of car repair. You'll learn how to install exhaust systems and accessories like Tonneau covers, bug shields and running boards. You'll receive mentoring from advanced automotive technicians. Your days will continue to fly by because you will have a steady flow of cars and trucks to work on.

Advanced Automotive Mechanic
As an advanced automotive mechanic, you will have mastered all the beginner and intermediate aspects of being an auto mechanic. Now you'll be ready for the complex aspects of vehicle repair such as wheel alignments, suspension, brakes, steering and electrical systems. You will be the mentor for other mechanics, sharing your knowledge and expertise so they can reach their goal, just like you.

As a master of your trade, the doors are wide open for you. Perhaps you're interested in sharing your proficiency with the entire team. A Service Center Manager job is well within your reach. After that, you might supervise a group of Service Centers by becoming a Regional Service Center Manager.

Where do I sign up?

Are you ready to start your new career? Blain's Farm & Fleet has local job openings in your area. As an auto mechanic in our Service Centers, you will find:

An Engaging, Positive Environment
Blain's Farm & Fleet offers a fast-paced, customer-oriented team environment that will help you use and refine your automotive talent to become a premium automotive technician. You'll have the opportunity to use your talents to help people every day.

Training and Education
Maybe you're a "backyard" car mechanic with no professional experience as an auto mechanic. Maybe you love to drive cars, but you only know how to change your oil. That's okay, because you'll get all the training you'll need from the experienced, knowledgeable auto repair mechanics in Blain's Farm & Fleet's Service Centers. You'll also get the opportunity to attend classes to become a certified brake or wheel alignment technician as you work your way up through the ranks.

ASE Certification
You'll also have the opportunity to pursue and earn ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification, which is a certification held by the most skilled and knowledgeable auto repair technicians in the field. Becoming certified is a great step in advancing your career as an auto mechanic. An ASE-certified auto technician is highly sought after in the auto repair industry.

Opportunities for Advancement
At Blain's Farm & Fleet, we provide a wide variety of auto repair services to our customers, so we need a variety of members on our automotive teams. From Level 1 Technicians who specialize in tires and oil changes, to Level 3 Technicians who specialize in steering and wheel alignments, all the way up to Regional Service Managers who oversee several of our car repair shops in an area, we have great opportunities for advancement and for you to find your niche.

Are you up to the challenge?

Doing diagnostic work requires great problem-solving skills, and is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of auto repair. As an auto mechanic, you get to troubleshoot car problems to keep customers' vehicles safe and running well.

In the Automotive Service Centers at Blain's Farm & Fleet, our auto repair technicians service tires, brakes, exhaust, suspension, steering, and much more. This requires our auto repair technicians to be versatile, flexible, and willing to learn new things.
Do you have what it takes to start a career as an automotive technician? Apply at Blain's Farm & Fleet today and find out. Check out all of our automotive technician jobs today.

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