Is A Retail Job Right For You?

Mar 31, 2015

Do you enjoy working with people? Solving problems? Even if you haven't considered a retail job before, a career in retail could be right for you.
1 in 4 jobs right now are in retail, with over 3 million retail establishments and 42 million retail jobs in the United States. Retail accounts for $2.6 trillion in total GDP and with more retail stores hiring, you'll be sure to find the right one for you.

If you are considering a job in retail ask yourself if you have some of these traits:

  • Goal oriented
  • Hardworking
  • Natural Leader
  • Patient and Cheerful
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Strong Customer Service Skills
  • Problem Solver

If you are the type of person that enjoys meeting new people, engaging with customers and helping them solve problems, a career in retail may be right for you. But, what kind of retail jobs should you be looking for? Retail is more than what you may think.

  • Retail management: in charge of hiring, managing and motivating their team
  • Managing inventory
  • Creating and maintaining store displays
  • Developing and executing sales promotions
  • Providing excellent customer service

Career Paths in Retail Management
Many people don't realize the many career paths available in retail. At Blain's Farm & Fleet we believe in inspiring our associates to grow in their careers. We offer many career paths from store associate to salaried retail management jobs. In our automotive center, you can even become ASE Certified and further your career in management.

Retail Jobs are Not Limited to Working in a Store
MYTH: Retail jobs mean that I have to work in a retail store.
FACT: Many retail jobs are centered on a wide variety of professions and never work at a brick and mortar store. At Blain's Farm & Fleet, there are retail jobs hiring in Accounting, Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, Buying, Merchandising and more. There are tremendous growth opportunities for hardworking associates who may start at retail stores but wish to continue to pursue their careers at Blain Supply Headquarters.

Why Should I Consider a Retail Job with Blain's Farm & Fleet?
Blain's Farm & Fleet can provide you with a very promising career path. We are a family owned company that believes in family values, financial stability and providing excellent customer service to all of our customers. We are a growing Midwestern retailer with local jobs in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We are looking for people who are excited about going to their retail jobs. However, it is not just a job at Blain's Farm & Fleet it is a career. No matter if you work in one of our store locations, automotive service centers or at the Blain Supply Headquarters in Janesville, Wisconsin there is something here for you.

If you're ready to start your career in retail, search for local jobs in our job openings listings and apply for jobs online today. If you don't see something but you're still interested in pursuing a career with Blain's Farm & Fleet fill out an application with our Talent Network.


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